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Fundación Equipo Humano (FEH) is looking for an EU Communication Officer with experience working with projects funded by the European Union. Experience working with other types of international, national, and regional funding schemes are also valuable.


We are a private non-profit organisation that develops innovative solutions in training and HR management. Continuous innovation increases an organisation’s competitiveness enhancing the most valuable resource: people.

The Department of European Projects in Fundación Equipo Humano identifies European’s needs and designs and implements international solutions with the support of EU funding opportunities. We are committed to EU projects which have a positive impact on civil society. Our core projects activities are related to employment, training and education, internationalisation, entrepreneurship, mobility of workers, competitiveness, social innovation, environment, climate change, circular economy, creative and social industries, among others.

Further details on projects currently implemented will be given during the interview.


The EU Communication Officer will support the management of internal and external communications of Fundación Equipo Humano and its European Projects ensuring that its messages are consistent.

The Communication Officer is a key player inside European Projects, and they will be in charge of the design and production of communication campaigns for European projects and European Union visibility campaigns.

Also, the EU Communication Officer will play a role in the national and regional communication strategies. He/she will not only contribute to the design of EU-funded communication campaigns but also to the dissemination, the activities and projects carried out by Fundación Equipo Humano at all levels and the liaison with other national and regional stakeholders. Thus, the person that will join Fundación Equipo Humano as EU Communication Officer will have a broader role and impact at the core of the management team.  

It will be highly valuable experience in similar jobs or positions in projects or initiatives related to topics such as training, human resources, employability, or the education sector but others are also valuable.

The EU Communication Officer will work together with the Head of the EU Projects Department, the EU Project Manager and Officers and the Presidency of the Fundación.

Job description and tasks

The EU Communications Officer’s tasks will include, inter alia:

  • Contributing to the development, implementation, and evaluation of the communication strategy, defining, and maintaining the FEH’s corporate identity in all communication channels and report feedback and improvements when required.
  • Support in the development and draft of blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels related to EU projects and national and regional initiatives of the company.
  • Contributing to the further development and feeding of FEH’s digital media channels i.e. website, social media, blogs and similar.
  • Contribution to the monitoring of FEH’s digital presence through online tools such as Google Analytics or others to report and improve digital and communication metrics.
  • Support in the preparation and delivery of FEH information and awareness raising campaigns such as: preparation of local, international events and workshops following EU funded projects guidelines; draft of communication plans for EU funded initiatives, implement it and monitor it; support in the delivery and the design of dissemination materials (leaflets, presentations, guides) and the draft and emailing of newsletters.
  • Support the coordination and reporting of communication activities with partners and stakeholders across Spain and the EU.
  • Support in customer relations with participants in EU-funded or national/regional initiatives in several online platforms (email, social networks, online feedback forums, complaints, among others).
  • Support in the production of videos, banners, visual identity guidelines, and the development of e-learning materials in EU-funded projects under topics such as training, mental health, employment, sustainability, business management and entrepreneurship, among others.
  • Support the work of the team of EU-funded projects to develop narratives for each new project, programmes and/or initiatives that can be disseminated and replicated throughout the EU.
  • Performing any other related task requested by the line management in the interest of the company.
Requirements for the job position

Technical experience:

  • A degree in journalism, audiovisual communication, public relations, marketing, digital marketing, or similar and/or in relevant policy fields for the projects of the company (training, employment, business management, EU affairs, integration). (Mandatory)
  • At least 1 year of experience in job position with the duties and responsibilities described in the job description section. (Mandatory)
  • Experience in management of social media accounts (X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), engagement building, analyzing data, metric reporting, and monitoring of digital strategies.
  • Experience and able to learn digital analysis tools (Ads, Analytics, Metricool, Hubspot, or similar).
  • Experience in digital communication, marketing campaigns, corporate communication experience, marketing trends, design of campaigns and collaboration with advertising and creative agencies.
  • Knowledge of mass emailing tools like Mailchimp and proactive learning in other tools such as HTML, CSS skills or other similar platforms.
  • Knowledge and skills in strategic brand development.
  • Knowledge and able to learn WordPress and website management (plugin, theme management, core updates and user and role management).
  • Knowledge and able to learn digital communication tools including Adobe CC, Drupal, Canva.
  • Knowledge of European regulations applicable to information and publicity for operations under European funds and programs, as well as the European Commission priorities (Desirable).


  • High level of English, C1 or equivalent with excellent oral, writing, and narrative skills. (Mandatory)
  • High level of Spanish, C1 or equivalent with excellent oral, writing, and narrative skills. (Mandatory)
  • Knowledge of other languages, such as French, Italian, German… (Desirable).

Skills and abilities:

  • Ability to function as a team member, public speaking and effective and efficient communication. (Mandatory)
  • Ability to build trusted relationships with partners and collaborators in Spain and throughout the European Union. (Mandatory)
  • Being able to show initiative, grow professionally in Fundación, take responsibilities, problem solving skills and work under pressure in an international working environment.
  • Accuracy and attention to details.
  • Result and service-oriented and efficient professional attitude.


  • Full availability for international and national travelling (Mandatory).

What do we offer:

  • Immediate incorporation in a young (30 years old average) and passionate team.
  • You will become an EU Communication expert.
  • You will have the opportunity to be in an international environment, talking and dealing with big and small organizations all around the EU and working with an international network including high standing companies.
  • You will acquire expertise in implementing communication campaigns at EU level and be part of the draft of proposals under the coordination of senior EU experts in the Fundación.
  • As soon as experience, willingness and motivation allow it, you will be able to coordinate the implementation of communication and raising awareness campaigns of large consortiums of EU projects partners (15-20 partners).
  • You will be able to introduce to the team and develop and add to the ongoing workflow your own ideas, falling under the fields of expertise of the Fundación.
  • Opportunity to grow professionally and personally in the Fundación to become a senior EU Communication Manager. FEH’s offer you an ambitious career plan.
  • Full time contract registration into the General Regime of Social Security.
  • Hybrid mode combining work at the office and teleworking.
  • Working hours are from 9 am until 6 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8am until 3pm on Fridays. July and August timetable is from 8am until 3pm during all weekdays.
  • Holidays: 23 working days per year to be split during the year following company’s policies.
  • Subsistence costs covered during travel.

Note that the wage will be discussed according to the candidate experience during the interview.

Selection process

The selection process will have 5 phases:

  1. Admission to the Selection Procedure.
  2. Assessment of Applications.
  3. First Round of Interviews.
  4. Second Round of Interviews.
  5. Final Decision.

1-Admission to the Selection Procedure:

To apply, please, you can do it by writing directly to this function mailbox: before the next 8th May, 2024 (08-05-2024).

Before applying, you should carefully check whether you meet all the eligibility criteria.

We will not accept candidate that applies beyond the deadline.

Applications must include a motivation letter (1 page limit) and a CV, both submitted in English OR in Spanish to be considered. Applications not submitted in one of these two languages will be excluded from the selection procedure.

After a correct submission of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application to the email account indicated in your CV. It is your responsibility to verify that you provided the correct email address.

2-Assessment of Applications:

If your profile is of interest for the job position, you will receive an invitation for a first interview during the first 5 working days after the date of the application deadline. You will also be contacted if your application is not considered for the next phase.

3-First Round of Interviews:

A first interview will take place with questions related to your previous experiences. All interviews will take place in the premises of Fundación Equipo Humano (Carrer de Miguel Navarro Escultor, 5, Campanar, 46015 València, Valencia) at an agreed time and date. Online interviews might be an option, but physical interviews are of the outmost importance for the process and a good assessment of candidates.

4-Second Round of Interviews:

If your profile is of interest for the job position, a second interview will take place with more specific and oriented questions. A small practical activity might take place.
All interviews will take place in the premises of Fundación Equipo Humano (Carrer de Miguel Navarro Escultor, 5, Campanar, 46015 València, Valencia) at an agreed time and date. Online interviews might be an option, but physical interviews are of the outmost importance for the process and a good assessment of candidates.

5-Final Decision:

A final decision will be made based on the interviews and the feedback obtained. A pre-commitment contract will be signed between Fundación’s legal representative and the candidate.

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