SME imageThe SME Instrument is the Horizon 2020 tool for boosting strong growth and internationalisation of potentially disruptive business aiming at becoming world-market leaders. It is addressed to highly innovative single European SMEs or consortiums from all economic sectors, preferably already established for a while.

The SME Instrument is based on the European Commission analysis on the resources available for SMEs during the innovation cycle. They evidence how public funding is generally available for the first research phase of innovation, and private funding from angel investors, venture capitalists and industry can be accessed at the last commercialisation phase. However, there is a persistent funding gap in the intermediate development phase of innovation. The transition towards development, development, and the transition towards commercialisation is the core innovation phases the SME Instrument intends to support.

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The development of groundbreaking innovative products, services and processes is supported along three phases:


            Phase 1: From idea to concept


o   Lump sum of 50.000€ 

o   6 months 

o   Innovation services: accredited business coach 

o   Development of a feasibility study and a business plan


            Phase 2: From concept to market maturity


o   From 500.000€ to 2.500.000€ (70% co-financing of the total cost) 

o   12-24 months 

o   Innovation services: accredited business coach 

o   Development of a commercialisable output, commercialisation strategy and financial plan based on the initial business plan


            Phase 3: From market maturity to market launch


o   No direct funding. Access to risk finance, Enterprise Europe Network 

o   Innovation services: accredited business coach 

o   Development of actions facilitating commercial exploitation


What are the benefits for SMEs? 

      Funding in key innovation phases

      Positioning: innovation and growth Champions League

      European and world visibility

      Access to business support services

      Networking with investors, customers and other fast-growing EU SMEs




Phase 1

Phase 2

Cut-off dates









Time for approval

2 months

4 months

Time for signature

1 month

2 month

Execution period

6 months

12-24 months


Has your SME a disruptive idea to grow and internationalise? Do you bet on innovation, but you need some funding?

The Equipo Humano Foundation has a solid expertise on the preparation of SME Instrument proposals.

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