llave3 RenEUmetalThe metal industry suffers skill shortages of highly qualified workforce in emerging activities such as innovation, research, technology transfer or adaptation to the environmental regulation. This niche constitutes a great opportunity for youth affected by higher unemployment rates. However, it becomes crucial to facilitate vocational education and training learners the appropriate orientation and education resources towards occupational profiles that are highly demanded by the metal industry. The RenEUmetal project rises from the wish of covering this need in favour of European youth employability and metal industry competitiveness.

Fundación Equipo Humano has fostered the convergence of strategic EU actors to develop a fresh, ambitious and fine-tuned proposal under the Erasmus+ Programme. These actors include business associations, research centres or VET provider institutions bringing in their expertise in innovation, technology transfer, environmental skills, entrepreneurship or vocational training. Concretely, participants are the Valencian Metal Business Federation (FEMEVAL) in Valencia, Region of Valencia, Spain; The Institute for Sustainable Technologies (ITeE-PIB) in Radom, Poland; the VET centre (BfW) in Heidelberg, Baden-Württenberg, Germany; and the Environmental Academy (EA) in Newcastle, England, UK.

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