PopeyeYoung Europeans have never been as ambitious and intelligent as nowadays, with more and more young people seeking to enhance their competences and develop their skills in order to become more competent in the labour market.

Fundación Equipo Humano aims to target young people who are interested in the implementation of EU projects and are both in the public and private employment sector, youth project leaders or even unemployed individuals, all of whom are highly interested in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in order to implement their own projects. This is why we recently submitted a project proposal in this field. 

The innovative element of this project is that it manages to combine the needs of millions of young people with the support of new technologies, thus making the process fun, easy and intriguing. POPEYE´s priority is also to directly involve young people, who are after all the main focus of the project. The constant participation of young interested individuals will be rewarded with cultural events tickets. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in a draw for these tickets, which are expected to be a major motivation for them in the project.

The project, which would last for 24 months, will bring together six partners from various geographical locations. Fundación Equipo Humano, the leading organization of POPEYE, as well as FyG are both based in Spain, Pareto is a UK organization, DIMITRA is based in Greece, Danmar who has the IT knowledge is a Polish organization and, finally, S&G is a youth organization based in Turkey. Each partner will bring to the project a different kind of knowledge which will nevertheless be of vital importance for the overall execution of POPEYE.

The diverse geographical location of the partner consortium will allow for a wider dissemination across young individuals coming from different parts of Europe. The activities of POPEYE will involve workshops, info days, non formal/informal education activities as well as other dissemination activities. The partners will have a total of 5 transnational partner meetings which will give the partners the opportunity to catch up, discuss and draw conclusions from their ongoing process and to have further personal contact.

A major focus of the project is the ICT technologies which will assist the overall implementation of POPEYE. ICT technologies will also enhance the digital competences of the participants and they will have the opportunity to be introduced in new technologies. Major importance will be given to the implementation of the POPEYE platform and the POPEYE website, two technological tools which will virtually bring together all the participants and the partners for an easier and smoother interaction between them. The participants will also become more familiar with the use of ICT Open Educational Resources, which will be available on the platform and on the website.

Concrete results are expected during the execution of POPEYE. Among others, the participants would

  • Become aware of youth opportunities, mobility and EU citizenship
  •            Develop their digital competences
  •       Improve their foreign language skills
  •       Acquire managerial skills
  •             Develop VET skills
  •        Engage in dialogue with other European youth

 The aforementioned desired results to be required will enable the participants to put these skills into action long after the conclusion of POPEYE and to transmit the knowledge they will acquire to other interested youth.

Youth remains one of the top priorities of the European Union, which aims at allowing them to build a better future. POPEYE wishes to empower young people and to equip them with the necessary skills to become competent in the labour market and to acquire skills so as to carry out the implementation of their own EU projects. Most importantly, POPEYE wants to provide an online training programme which will nevertheless be interactive and inclusive, so as to offer young individuals the competences and knowledge to design their own projects.

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