Since the beggining of January 2014, Fundacion Equipo Humano proudly collaborates with P3DAL Consulting, an independent management consulting firm based in Martin, Slovakia, with contact points in all EU member states. 

P3DAL Consulting is a team of experts specialised in all phases of business development . Their special self-designed framework called Business Life Cycle, categorises the different stages of a business and its stakeholders into 5 segments, perceived as fundamental to any entity or invidual aiming to develop business ideas.

It is a team of young professionals providing expertise to:

  1. Students and young professionals
  2. Research institutions
  3. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  4. Governments and public bodies
  5. Civil society (NGOs)

To serve its clients, PEDAL operates within five main activity pillars:

  1. Academic counselling (students’ mobility)
  2. Marketing analysis and business plans (testing your ideas)
  3. Worldwide business establishment
  4. Tenders preparation
  5. Project management

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