On Tuesday 30 of September 2014, Fundación Equipo Humano r participated in the Final Conference of the AvantJOVE Project that took place in the autidorium of the museum of Fine Arts of Valencia and it was organised by the IVAJ (Institut Valenciá de la Joventud Generalitat Jove).

The conference was opened by the General Director of IVAJ and continued with a panel discussion on the entrepreneurial experiences of some of the participants in the project. Also, a video of the AvantJOVE was presented. During the discussion and in the video we had the opportunity to hear Laura Muñoz and Marta Martinez, participants in AvantJOVE, talking about their bussiness idea, about their thoughts and plans and about their whole experience through the programme.They were really excited with the experience and motivated to keep trying to create their business.Hector Badal, tutor in the project, talked about his experience with Yeeply, his freelance platform and the dificulties he found creating his business. 

Then, representatives of all the partners presented results and conclusions and finally the conference closed by  Lucia Seron , Secretaria Autonomica de Servicios Sociales y Solidaridad (Conselleria de Bienestar Social).







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