IntoDIGITS Project


IntoDIGITS project was approved on September 2017, under the frame of Erasmus+ program and the Key Action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices).

The project has the objective of filling the skills gap that low qualified adults have in numeracy and digital skills. Low skilled workers were the most hit by the crisis since their employment rated dropped dramatically (138 ECB report). One of the problems that deter the integration of low skilled adults in the labour market is their lack of adequate training. In Europe, there are few public national policies that focus on the qualifications of low skilled and unemployed adults. Moreover, a survey conducted by the OCDE (OCDE2013-The Survey of Adult Skills) states that adults with low numeracy and digital skills experience more ill health, lower income, self-confidence and are threaten by social exclusion.

IntoDIGITS aims at empowering low skilled adults throughout the development of 42 digital interactive tools for trainers in an online toolkit that will help them develop their digital and numerical skills.

This project is based on a prior one successfully completed, EMKIT. The goal of EMKIT was to empower low skilled adults with the final objective of reaching an active citizenship. Throughout the toolkit developed by EMKIT, a trainer would access to 35 different online and interactive tools (small workshops and activities). In each activity, an interactive digital methodology will be available for the trainer which will describe the activity, the necessary sources and the guidelines for the preparation and implementation of the activities.

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